Sunk in Port St Mary harbour possibly as late as the early 50's. She was presumably still owned by the Mc Veigh family at this time.

Alongside the WHITE HEATHER is MARGARITA BA325 owner  J T McCrindle, Maidens. The next boat along nobody can identify. Then under WHITE HEATHER's mizzen mast is INTEGRITY BA325 owner T & W Shields, Girvan then the inside boat is BAIRN'S PRIDE BA315 owner Mrs H McCrindle. This boat is still afloat and is called ESCHATON  and owned by a 40+ member. INTEGRITY sank at the entrance to Portpatrick  harbour in 1955. Also INTEGRITY and BAIRN'S PRIDE partnered each other at the ring net. Information on the other boats in the picture kindly provided by Michael Craine.