Dublin Bay OGA gathering - 29th/30th May 2010

Classic Sail Carrickfergus - 5th/6th June 2010

OGA BBQ at the Lightship (Ballydorn) in Strangford Lough 12th/13th June 2010

Peel Traditional Boat Weekend - 30th July/1st August 2010

Ardglass at Anchor - 7th/8th June 2010

Portaferry Traditional Boat Regatta - 14th/15th June 2010


Carrick Classic Regatta - 6th/8th June 2008

Peel Traditional Boat Weekend - 1st/3rd August 2008

22nd-24th August - Ardglass traditional regatta


We hope to have a much more active season this year. The calendar at present is as follows.

Bangor Traditional Sail - June, 23rd to 25th - Didnt make this event - I was unable to raise a crew unfortunately.

Belfast Nautical Festival 1st - 2nd July.

Peel Traditional Boat Weekend - I am delighted to be involved again with the Peel Tradional Boat Weekend again, to be held again this year after a break of several years. I hope to see many of my old friends there again in June.

Peel TBW 2006 - 28th - 30th July  

Ardglass Traditional Regatta August 25th - 27th



The 'Trawler Race and Gathering of the fleet' held in Port St Mary harbour. The event is held on the weekend of 25th & 26th June 2005 and organised by the 40+ Fishing Boat AssociationEVENT CANCELLED

Peel Traditional Boat Weekend - 21st - 24th July 2005. EVENT CANCELLED

October 2005

2005 has passed by with virtually no time spent at sea. Commitments to the restoration of a home for myself and my new partner have prevented me from attending all of the events and making the passages I had wanted to in this her centenery year. I regret this situation very much but it was unavoidable. I hope that the progress I made with the house this year will mean that next year I will be able to spend much more time with her.

I shall be fitting her tarpaulin winter covers soon, as she lies alongside the quay in Peel and soon we will be celebrating her 101st birthday on Christmas Eve.